Morris Wolfe - Essays, New & Selected


I’m grateful to a number of editors who, over the years, provided me with space and encouragement: Robert Fulford, Abe Rotstein, George Woodcock, Joe Rosenblatt, Doug Marshall, John Macfarlane, Ed O’Dacre, John Fraser, Don Obe, Barbara Moon and Angie Gardos.

I’m also grateful to the Ontario College of Art & Design, where I taught part-time for thirty years. The College helped support my eating and my writing habits.

Rick Archbold, Pete Bevin, Joy Cohnstaedt, Bronwen Cunningham, Archie Graham, Brad Richmond, Diana Vazquez, and Jennifer, Ben and Menya Wolfe read and commented on all or part of this selection. They, of course, are not to blame for the choices I’ve made.

Morris Wolfe 

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