Jean-Paul Baillargeon, editor - The Handing Down of Culture, Smaller Societies and Globalization

Table of Contents


Opening Words | Sinh LeQuoc |

1 | Fernand Harvey |

What is the Future for Smaller Societies
at a Time of Globalization?

2 | John Meisel |

Changing Contexts of Culture:
Implications for Canada

3 | Florian Sauvageau |

Would the Real Journalists
Please Stand Up!

4 | Michael S. Cross |

Entering the Tribal and Acoustic World. Globally

5 | Serge Proulx |

Cyberculture, Québec Identity
and Globalization

6 | Frits Pannekoek |

Cyber Imperialism and the
Marginalization of Canada’s
Indigenous Peoples

7 | Claude Martin |

The Industrial Handing Down of Culture

8 | Michael Dorland |

The Knight’s Move: Reflections on
the Translation of Culture/s

9 | Léon Bernier |

Handing Down of Culture
and the Encounter of the
Younger Generation With Art

10 | Clarence S. Bayne |

Social Cohesion in a Culturally Diverse Exchange Economy

11 | Diane Saint-Pierre |

Québec, its Cultural Policies
and the Handing Down of Culture
in a Time of Globalization


12 | Robin Higham |

The World Needs More Canada.
Canada Needs More Canada

13 | Michel de la Durantaye |

The American Sphere of Influence,
the World Free Market and Municipal
and Regional Cultural Policies:
the Québec Case

14 | Donna Cardinal |

Locality and Culture: Creating Public Spaces for Culture in the Mind and in the Civitas

15 | Carol Lévesque |

Indigenous Knowledge:
Questions, Issues and Challenges

16 | Joy Cohnstaedt |

Fast Forward to Modern Pluralism:
Culture and Small Scale Societies in Canada

17 | Joseph Yvon-Thériault |

Playing with Words, Playing with
Identities, Playing with Politics

18 | Mircea Vultur |

Cultural Globalization and Smaller
Eastern European Societies: Reflections Based on Québec and Canadian Perspectives

19 | Tomke Lask |

A Far Away Glance at the
Canadian World: An Essay

20 | William D. Coleman |

Smaller Societies, Globalization
and Handing Down of Culture

21 | Guy Mercier |

The Giddiness of Descending.
Handing Down in Spite of Uncertainty

Postscript | Jean-Paul Baillargeon |

The Authors |

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